Water-fed pole cleaning (WFP) is used as a safe and effective alternative for ladder accessed
windows. When done correctly, WFP can be just as efficient or more efficient than squeegee
cleaned windows. It involves a telescopic pole fitted with a brush and water jets that excrete
water from the interior part of the brush and/or upper section of brush not in the bristles (a bar
above bristles). The WFP must be fed by a pure water system to achieve spotless dry

windows. Abluent Window Cleaning uses a three-stage filtration system that involves a pre-
filter carbon filter, reverse osmosis and then a de-ionization filter to feed the pole to the windows

with. The brush agitates the dirt and debris on the window, and the jets rinse while the pure de-
ionized water attracts the ionized particles and helps pull the muck from the window.

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