After you get your spring gutters cleaned and possibly your house pressure washed (depending on conditions), a outside/inside standard service window cleaning is a great service to do.  We clean the screens, the tracks, sills and windows so when you open your windows again to bring the bring in, you’ll not have a dust cloud coming into your house while clearing your view to let Sun start to thaw you out from the winter.  The second best time to wash your windows is in late summer, when the outsides might be getting dirty again.  This is a faster, less expensive service to maintain that clarity while the leaves change.  Finally, after your gutters are cleaned and flushed for winter, another outside only window cleaning ensures your home will maximize the shorter days of the winter.  In all, Springtime is a great time to do a standard window clean, while late summer then early winter is a great time to get your outside windows cleaned.

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